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 A chat with Ville Valo, ''03

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Close To The Flame
Close To The Flame

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PostSubject: A chat with Ville Valo, ''03   Sat 29 Mar 2008 - 22:41

i'm not even going to ask if any of you would like to chat to him on-line. but some already have, 5 years ago. here you go.

March 20, 2003
Chat with Ville Valo on Krone.at

von Krone.at: Welcome Ville Valo, the frontman from HIM in the Krone.at Live Chat.
ville.valo: Hi you all together, how are you doing?

von Krone.at: Ville Valo: A big thanks for your visit. How are you doing today?
ville.valo: Krone.at: I'm very happy

von marina12345: How long do you stay in Vienna?
ville.valo: Marina: Till tomorrow
ville.valo: Marina: P.s evening

von venusintears: Why?
ville.valo: venusintears: I'm in love... and sober.

von blackocean666: Hey Ville, Which cigarette brand do you smoke?
ville.valo: blackocean666: Marlboro light

von devilsgirl666: Do you play a gig in Vienna?
ville.valo: devilsgirl666: Next autumn, hopefully in November.

von noora78: Are you happy about spring time coming up in Helsinki?
ville.valo: noora78: I haven't been in Helsinki for ages, but tomorrow evening I'll see how it looks there.

von marsmachtmobil: And where are going today?
ville.valo: marsmachtmobil: No, I'm gonna to the hotel, take a bath and read a book

von wickedboy: Ville, what does the heartagram means?
ville.valo: wickedboy: The heartagram stands for "Love Metal".

von blackocean666: Ville, is Gone With The Sin still you're favourite song from HIM of do you've a new one?
ville.valo: blackocean666: I've got a new one "Sweet Pandemonium".

von Krone.at: Ville Valo: Early this morning the attacks to Iraq have started. What do you say about this actual situation?
ville.valo: Krone.at: "Make love not war"

von Krone.at: Ville Valo: There are lots of questions about the tour and gigs. Is there a website where we can see all confirmed gigs?
ville.valo: Krone.at: Yes, www.heartagram.com

von Maja69: Which song from the new album is your favourite one?
ville.valo: Maja69: "Sweet Pandemonium"

von ZaraTheFirst: Ville, When do you celebrate your birthday?
ville.valo: ZaraTheFirst: 22 November 1976

von kuutamo666: Are you sastisfied with the new album?
ville.valo: kuutamo666: Of course I'm satisfied, that the main thing why I'm so happy.

von blackocean666: Do you often use the internet? Do you like to surf?
ville.valo: blackocean666: I never surf and I don't have an internet connection at home.

von lepakko: Where do you have the cool Jack Skellington gloves from?
ville.valo: lepakko: The gloves are a Christmas present from a friend in the USA

von Pattyinfernale: Ville, which plans do you've for the future?
ville.valo: Pattyinfernale: Getting home, get drunk and sleep very long

von Maja69: This is a new cool song... What was the reason why you've worked with Hiili again?
ville.valo: Maja69: Which song?

von blackocean666: Okay a bit discreet but do you like groupies?
ville.valo: blackocean666: I've never ever seen them.

von maytom: What do you think of Marilyn Manson?
ville.valo: maytom: I like his nose

von tapser: Ville, Why do use black make up around your eyes?
ville.valo: tapser: Because I love Marc Bolan

von Krone.at: Ville Valo: Do you write all lyrics by yourself? What is your inspiration?
ville.valo: Krone.at: I write all song myself. My inspiration is bad horror movies from the 60's

von lepakko: We'd like to make a Swiss HIM homepage, would you support this?
ville.valo: lepakko: What do you need there for?

von tapser: Do you've an idol? Music?
ville.valo: tapser: Johnny Cash

von kleineblonde1: Ville, What the release date from the new album "Love Metal"?
ville.valo: kleineblonde1: Das neue Album wird am 14. April erscheinen

von Maja69: Why do you've worked together with Hiili again... just interested 'cos the new songs rock and the new album is great.
ville.valo: Maja69: 'Cos Hiili is cheap and we like Hiili

von blackocean666: Have you watched with the moderator pay TV after MTV Select program?
ville.valo: blackocean666: No, we didn't have time for it. But next time I've to remind that.

von wickedboy: Ville: What the heartagram means - good and evil?
ville.valo: wickedboy: It's a combination from good music and worse art?

von dyanne: When did you decide to make music?
ville.valo: dyanne: It just happened... accidental.

von venusintears: Please answer a question from me. Are The 69 Eyes still an example and friends from HIM?
ville.valo: venusintears: I've copied The 69 Eyes with clothes and yes we're still good friends.

von lepakko: Well we'd like to take www.heartagram.ch as domain, would you allow this?
ville.valo: lepakko: It's possible but send first an email to our website and we can arrange things.

von tapser: This isn't a joke? Johnny Cash? Where is your horse?
ville.valo: tapser: I'm allergic for horses but I love him really.

von noora78: To which music are you listening when you're home? Favourite song?
ville.valo: noora78: I really like to listen to reggae music. I like Jahman Levi.

von blackocean666: Ville, Do you like └pocalyptica?
ville.valo: blackocean666: They're good friends of us and on one of our first gigs we've played with them (that was also their first gigs).

von dyanne: You write your songs yourself. Do you write about your life?
ville.valo: dyanne: My songs are all very personal.

von tapser: Do you've a motor? Or isn't this a good hobby in cold Finland?
ville.valo: tapser: I don't have a drivers licence. I don't like cars, motors, planes...

von venusintears: How do you describe your new album? Is it like DS&BH or GLV 666?
ville.valo: venusintears: It's a mixture from our 3 albums.

von Krone.at: Ville Valo: Do you play in Wiesen again?
ville.valo: Krone.at: Yes on 20th of June.

von noora78: We got a "Love Metal" t-shirts from the gig in Hamburg. Are these the offiicial t-shirts?
ville.valo: noora78: Those t-shirts were made exclusive for his gig. They aren't available anymore.

von 6sk6in6: My Finnish translation is right zero but I'll try with a small English mixture. Missa on sinung (favourite) loko?
ville.valo: 6sk6in6: What means "loko"?

von Maja69: Do you play at some festivals in Germany?
ville.valo: Maja69: Yes, hopefully. These dates aren't confirmed yet.

von devilsgirl666: I've got an important question. What the name of the font style HIM use? Or doesn't this exist 'cos of the copyright?
ville.valo: devilsgirl666: I can't remember the font name, but the original font has totally changed.

von schnattchen: Can we expect soon a video from the song "Bury me deep inside your heart"?
ville.valo: schnattchen: No, we don't make videos for the songs from the old albums.

von Maja69: Which band do you wanna have a support band for the tour?
ville.valo: Maja69: CKY

von dyanne: Personal question. How old are you?
ville.valo: dyanne: 26

von tapser: └nd how do you travel then? Allergic for horses, fear for cars, planes and etc - do you walk?
ville.valo: tapser: I love to walk but from Finland to Vienna it's a bit too far to walk. I get drunk, get on the plane and then I'll see what happens...

von TinaInfernale: Ville what do you think of Sulpher?
ville.valo: TinaInfernale: I haven't heard them yet.

von 6sk6in6: LOKO seems to be place. What's your favourite place?
ville.valo: 6sk6in6: Loukko that the right way to write it : )) my favourite place is my home.
ville.valo: 6sk6in6: P.S Sorry I've made a mistake. I meant luukku.

von maytom: Ever been yelled to you? When and where?
ville.valo: maytom: That kind has happened in Tampere. A black metal fan has spit me in my face. I laughed him out.

von Maja69: Who's is your favourite band at the moment?
ville.valo: Maja69: HIM

von vivid: Which make up brand do you use?
ville.valo: vivid: Whatever I get from my make up artist.

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Close To The Flame
Close To The Flame

Number of posts : 1289
Localisation : home
Registration date : 2007-09-06

PostSubject: Re: A chat with Ville Valo, ''03   Sat 29 Mar 2008 - 22:44

von tapser: What do you drink before you fly? I've got also a fear of planes.
ville.valo: tapser: 3 pint beer and 1 glas whiskey.

von baerbel66: Have you already decided if the book will be translated in other languages?
ville.valo: baerbel66: I don't know. It won't be easy. Some stories can't be translated in other languages. Old stories and jokes, etc.

von venusintears: Do you like to read and how often?
ville.valo: venusintears: Sometimes, when I'm taking a bath. I love to read auto biography books.

von marimaus01: How long do you wanna make music?
ville.valo: marimaus01: Till the day the music doesn't like me anymore.

von Maja69: Which instrument do you play?
ville.valo: Maja69: Every instrument but not good

von venusintears: Do you also wear make up when you go out?
ville.valo: venusintears: Nope, I get a rash when I do that

von marina12345: Will there be a signing session in Vienna?
ville.valo: marina12345: No, sorry not.

von maytom: Which beer brand do you prefer.
ville.valo: maytom: Miller Highlife.

von vivid: Has someone already ask you why you use make up?
ville.valo: vivid: When I don't use make up I look likeů

von TinaInfernale: Ville do you like children?
ville.valo: TinaInfernale: I was a child myself. Do I like them? It depends on the child.

von tapser: What about singing a duet with Johnny Cash?
ville.valo: tapser: Would be wonderful but Johnny Cash doesn't like me.

von lepakko: Ville, is that right that your ancestors are from Hungary, do you speak or understand Hungarian?
ville.valo: lepakko: There's a little truth in this story, the family from my mother are from Hungary. But I don't speak Hungarian.

von kuutamo666: Can you ask him if he knows Janne Ahonen!
ville.valo: kuutamo666: Yes, I know him very well. He's one of my best friends.

von Maja69: Do you play also other instruments beside drums and guitar?
ville.valo: Maja69: A little bit keyboard.

von sandra666: What bars in Helsinki are your favourite ones?
ville.valo: sandra666: "Lost & Found", "Corona", "Tavastia".

von psy1980: What would you like to do when you don't make music anymore?
ville.valo: psy1980: I'm sure that I would become a math professor.

von Krone.at: Ville Valo: Do you often see your family?
ville.valo: Krone.at: Only with Christmas...

von sandra666: Do you like Die Toten Hosen?
ville.valo: sandra666: I prefer the Die Hosen alive

von angeloffire86: Do you've a girlfriend?
ville.valo: angeloffire86: Yes.

von blacky014: What do you most like to do?
ville.valo: blacky014: Making music.

von tapser: What's your next destination when you leave Vienna?
ville.valo: tapser: Going home and relax a few days.

von kuutamo666: Where did you meet Janne? Janne is from Lahti!
ville.valo: kuutamo666: Lathi is only 120 kilometres from Helsinki. You can walk easily to this place.

von wickedboy: Ville, do you've still have contact with Zoltan?
ville.valo: wickedboy: Yes, now and then.

von darkthomas: What do you think of Germany?
ville.valo: darkthomas: I like Warsteiner and the Reeperbahn

von Maja69: Do you still drawn?
ville.valo: Maja69: No, I'm not good in it.

von sandra666: Is the gig in London a big one? Will there be a signing session?
ville.valo: sandra666: We will give autographs when the fans are polite. The gig will be held in Astoria. Don't know how big it will. Maybe for 2000 people.

von psy1980: Which country you wanna see
ville.valo: psy1980: Japan, I love sushi. I would like to eat.... fish and see if I'll survive.

von maytom: Do you ski?
ville.valo: maytom: I always love the ski but I don't have the time for it anymore

von ZaraTheFirst: Ville Valo, where are the other guys?
ville.valo: ZaraTheFirst: Linde is at home and takes care of his daughter who was born 1,5 week ago. Burton is on demonstration in Helsinki against the war. And I don't know what the other guys are doing at the moment.

von schnattchen: Can you dance? Finnish dances?
ville.valo: schnattchen: No, I can't but in the 80's I could dance like Michael Jackson (moonwalk) but I can't anymore.

von iFrauohneNamen: Ville, is it right that you and the other guys are on 14.4. at Viva interaktiv?
ville.valo: iFrauohneNamen: Honestly I don't know yet.

von Krone.at: Ville Valo: Has it been always a wish dream to become a musician?
ville.valo: Krone.at: No, being children we'd played as cowboys and Indians and I always wanted to be an Indian. This is valid for today. My biggest point is to become an Indian. The best from the last Mohicans.

von iFrauohneNamen: Lately we can see you only with a woollen hat? Is there a reason for it?
ville.valo: FrauohneNamen: Yes, I'm getting bald!

von blackocean666: Ville, are you happy with your life or would you like to work again in a sex shop?
ville.valo: blackocean666: I'm not happy with my life but I'll never will work in a sex shop again.

von kuutamo666: What's the name of Linde's daughter?
ville.valo: kuutamo666: She hasn't got a name yet.

von tapser: How old where you in the 80's?
ville.valo: tapser: Between 4 and 14 years.

von TinaInfernale: Cool... can I polish your bald head?
ville.valo: TinaInfernale: It was a joke, the woollen hat I've got from my old keyboard player (Zoltan). It's my mascot.

von vivid: Something different, who's your favourite this Sunday at the grand prix from Malaysia?
ville.valo: vivid: Everyone with a... beard.

von TinaInfernale: Why aren't you happy with your life?
ville.valo: TinaInfernale: Than more I eat than more hunger I get.

von blacky014: Do you like Jackass?
ville.valo: blacky014: No, not really. But the movie was okay.

von Krone.at: Ville Valo: How does you favourite women look like?
ville.valo: Krone.at: Like my girlfriend.

von gloom: What is Zoltan doing the moment? Anything musical?
ville.valo: gloom: He's playing in several bands and he's owns a bar with someone else in Helsinki.

von kuutamo666: Do you think about marriage?
ville.valo: kuutamo666: No, never. I hate rings.

von devilsgirl666: What's your favourite food? Do you like schnitzel? Do you know schnitzel at all?
ville.valo: devilsgirl666: I've tried the schnitzel already but I don't like red meat. My favourite food is Thai food.

von iFrauohneNamen: Ville, what kind of hobbies do you have beside music, drinking and smoking?
ville.valo: iFrauohneNamen: Making love.

von venusintears: Are you together again with the one who sang with you "Don't Fear The Reaper?
ville.valo: venusintears: No, that girl from "Don't fear the reaper" is only a good friend from school.

von cousinevonchristl: Who's your idol?
ville.valo: cousinevonchristl: Elvis Presley

von Krone.at: Ville Valo: When was the last time you had your holidays? And where have you been to?
ville.valo: Krone.at: 1991 in Bangkok

von gloom: Is there on the new album also a duet?
ville.valo: gloom: No, no duets this time. It's getting boring.

von marimaus01: Which song will be release after Funeral of Hearts?
ville.valo: marimaus01: We don't know yet. Maybe The Sacrament or another one.

von marina12345: Will you be at the ski jumping this weekend in Planica?
ville.valo: marina12345: I love to be there but I don't have time for it.

von blacky014: Do you've any pets?
ville.valo: blacky014: Yes, my girlfriend and my band members.

von TinaInfernale: Ville, How do you smell?
ville.valo: TinaInfernale: Bad, I don't wash myself that often. My skin is too dry for it.

von tapser: Ever thought to join a song contest?
ville.valo: tapser: Defenitly not. Writing songs means is a kind of competition to yourself and to another songwriter.

von:tunrida: Do you play this year in Switzerland?
ville.valo: tunrida: Yes we'll play at a festival but nothing has confirmed yet. Maybe a club gig in November.

von baerbel66: Which person do you wanna known better?
ville.valo: baerbel66: I would like to known myself better.

von vivid: Your favourite colour is black?
ville.valo: vivid: No my favourite colour is magenta.

von tapser: With which famous person would you like to eat... fish?
ville.valo: tapser: With Madonna - that would be like Romeo & Julia.

von Krone.at: Time flies fast and would to thank Ville Valo for her visit to Krone.at-live chat. We wish you lots of success on your gigs and futher projects. Hope to see you soon!
ville.valo: Thanx and I hope to see you all at a gig!!
Translated by Pascalle

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A chat with Ville Valo, ''03
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