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 Mizuno MP 58 Irons Review

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PostSubject: Mizuno MP 58 Irons Review   Wed 7 Mar 2012 - 10:05

We all know that the look can inspire good mental thoughts and the feel and feedback will reinforce them. From the top and front, Mizuno MP 59 the look is forged but the back is where the dual-muscle backing stands out. The bottom of the back is thicker than the top and features a small cutout that is embossed with the Mizuno name. These irons may not have a look appealing to everyone because of the pure silver color, but the feel impresses even more and is exactly what you'd expect out of a Mizuno club.

Featuring the same dual muscle technology as that of the mizuno mp 69, the MP-58's have seen Mizuno bringing multi-material technology into the MP range. Every previous iron in the MP range has been made from a single billet of steel but the MP-58 combines the soft 1025E carbon steel with a titanium insert.

The Mizuno MP 58 Irons have a build you would expect from Mizuno: very solid and classic while infusing some new technologies. If you have used the one of MP series, then the irons will not make you feel disappointed.

Overall, to really ingrain the correct golf grip it is sensible to purchase a practice club like the MP 58 Irons that have a pre-molded grip that positions your hands into the perfect golf grip. Regular practice with such a club will help you to be very comfortable with your golf grip.

The MP-58 irons sales the best reason
The Mizuno MP 59 Irons is another success and one of the best sales, thus many golf shops offer discount for golf customers on this iron set which means the price could be lower.
The Mizuno MP 53 Ti Muscle iron has been designed to combine the playability of their better player irons with the forgiveness of a multi material construction modern iron, the first time this has been done in the Mizuno MP series.
Mizuno have introduced a titanium insert into the outer muscle pad of the club head to give the MP-58 a uniquely solid feel at impact, while increasing the perimeter weighting to make the club much more consistent on off centre hits. The 11 gram titanium plate is positioned 2.9mm from the face for the best combination of feel sound and vibration.
The Mizuno MP-58 irons have a much thinner sole and top line than the older MP-57 model aimed at enhancing forgiveness for the player by keeping the centre of gravity close to the clubface whilst the beveled sole and flattened mid sole improve ball contact at impact. The head size of the Mizuino MP-68 is also a little bit smaller than the MP-57 but the half cavity design actually delivers a 10% increase in MOI. These developments mean that the MP-58 Ti Muscle offers the shape and control you would expect from a tour iron while offering much more forgiveness.
Overall, the Mizuno MP-58 irons is very easy to control, and the price could be lower for they are hot on sale right away, so you can find many shops offering discount for golf customers on this iron set.
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Mizuno MP 58 Irons Review
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