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 Tiger Woods Affair - Voice Mail To Rachel Uchitel

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PostSubject: Tiger Woods Affair - Voice Mail To Rachel Uchitel   Wed 9 Nov 2011 - 8:47

Okay... I never thought I'd see the day that Tiger Woods affair would become a reality, but the day has come wiht Rachel Uchitel. cheap golf clubsThe voice mail gives it away and Tiger doesn't deny it. His wife Elin is dealing with so much and is heard to have gotten their prenup redone to give her substantially more money and not in the original 10 year time period.
The most celebrated athlete in our time,Titleist 910F fairway wood and obviously the richest, with a beautiful wife and 2 children, but Tiger Woods is finally showing he's human, and made a huge mistake with the affair to not only Rachel Uchitel, but now also news is coming out with another women named Jaimee Grubbs.
Geez Tiger...can't you think with the "right head" for once?Titleist 910 D3 Driver Tiger...you've altered the golf world as we see it today. You may lose all your corporate sponsors, and the millions of people who idolized you will no doubt give it a second thought, and many of them will now drop you like a "hot potato".
I didn't know it, but Tiger's affair with Rachel Uchitel has gone on for 21 months! Wow! During the birth of his second child even. Tiger...that's pretty harsh dude! If you weren't happy...GET DIVORCED and move on dude!
Really....why hurt so many people who believed in you?Titleist 910 D2 Driver As Charles Barkely said, you need to be a man, and face the media, and stop hiding behind closed doors like a little chicken s*#@t. Accept what you've done, make a PUBLIC apology first to your wife and children, then to the millions of people who have supported you through the years, and help make you rich.
Once you've done that, let the public decide if they want to still be a fan of yours. But my guess is that's not going to happen. My guess, is that all the parents of those junior golfers who idolized you, will sit their kids down and tell them what a very bad thing you did,Callaway FT I-Bird Irons and that it's NOT alright to do it.
Tiger Woods...affair or not...you owe it to your fans to publicly apologize and say you're going to make every effort to make it RIGHT!
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Tiger Woods Affair - Voice Mail To Rachel Uchitel
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